10 Unusual Uses of Your Hairdryer

10 Unusual Uses of Your HairdryerToday, we are lucky to have an immense number of devices, tailored to make our lives easier. Smartphones, GPS, tablets, household gadgets – they are all intended to save you time and efforts. Well, some of them are pretty expensive, so you’d better think twice before making a purchase. However, you might be surprised to know that you have at least one relatively inexpensive multi-purpose tool at home and you don’t even imagine how many applications it has. Let’s talk about the multiple uses of a hairdryer. Yes, its main purpose is making your hair dry, but its applications are far more comprehensive. Check out some of them:

  • If you have ever had to remove a sticky label from a surface, then, you know that it is a tricky task. Here are two of the best solutions. You can either apply olive or coconut oil to the sticker and then gently remove with a blunt knife or you can heat the surface with the hairdryer. Once the sticker is loosened, you will be able to easily remove it from any surface.

  • Removing wax from a wooden surface is a real challenge, especially if you have to perform an end of tenancy cleaning and restore the initial condition of the rented property. In this case, your aim is to safely clean the surface without causing scratches. Don’t stress out about losing a part of your security deposit because of the damage you caused to the expensive table in the living room. Turn the hairdryer on and heat the affected area. When the wax is melted, you have to sacrifice one microfiber cloth and carefully wipe it down.

  • Speaking of wax removal and end of lease cleaning, your hairdryer can also help you remove crayon from the walls. If your kids regard the walls as a canvas, you have to fix the damage. It might sound a bit weird to remove crayon masterpieces with a hairdryer, but crayons are actually made of wax, so once the wax is melted, you can remove it with a cloth or a sponge. The same goes for a spot on your rug – wipe it off with a microfibre cloth after you melt the crayons and you may save calling the carpet cleaners this time.

  • If you have a poor ventilation system in the bathroom, using a hairdryer for getting rid of the steam is the best solution. A humid environment is the best habitat for mould and mildew, so if you see unpleasant black spots on the shower curtain, rest assured that’s the first sign that you will have to enter a battle with the mould.

  • Admit it – you hate dusting souvenirs, chandeliers, lamps and all kinds of small items that have many ornaments. Well, you can make your house cleaning routine easier if you take them outside and blow them with the hair dryer.

  • As mentioned above, the main purpose of the hairdryer is to help you have a great hairstyle, but it has yet another beauty purpose. If you love painting your nails, but you hate waiting for the nail polish to get completely dry, blow it with the hairdryer and you are good to go in less than two minutes.

  • The hairdryer is your irreplaceable assistant when it comes to frozen foods and ice cream in particular. For easy scooping, you can just heat the ice cream container for a minute or two. The hair dryer can also do miracles with frozen windows, car doors and engine parts, so give it a shot next Winter.

  • It goes without saying that the first alternative use of a hairdryer that comes to people’s mind is drying shoes and boots. Yes, it can do a wonderful job but there are some details you should be informed about. First of all, avoid drying suede and leather shoes as they might crack because of the heat. Second, you can dry the inside of the shoes in order to avoid bad smells, but you are advised to wait for the outside to dry naturally, especially if they are made of leather.

  • If you are going camping or you are visiting friends who don’t have a spare bed for you, you can bring your own air mattress. If it turns out that you cannot find a pump, use the hair dryer for blowing the mattress up.

  • If your doctor has recommended applying hot compresses to an injury, get a suitable towel, spray some water onto it and point the hairdryer to the towel.

These were some of the best applications of the hairdryer around the household. Don’t forget to use your beauty tool the next time you encounter one of the aforementioned issues. Be careful with the temperature setting, though. Setting the hairdryer at the highest possible temperature can cause damages to fragile surfaces.

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