12 Activities You Can Do on a Low-Budget Weekend

12 Activities You Can Do on a Low-Budget WeekendThere is no need to break your piggy bank in order to have fun on the weekend. There are many ways to entertain yourself and be productive – you can involve your friends and family or you can spend the weekend on your own. Learn a new skill or visit a local sightseeing – below you will discover more activities you may find interesting.

  • Visit your local library – stop in and check out what it can offer as usually on the weekends there are author readings, lectures, “story time” both for little kids and adults and so on. You can spend some quality time and find people with similar interests – a great way to socialise!

  • Freshen up your home – this may include anything from decorating with some handmade stuff, changing your sofa cushions` pillowcases or sewing new ones, re-positioning the carpet or cleaning it. A trick you may find useful is to use your favourite essential oil and ½ baking soda. Mix them, sprinkle on your carpet and let it sit. After that vacuum the excess – you will make the whole house smell amazing without many efforts!

  • Learn how to bake bread – the chances that you have the ingredients you need in your kitchen cupboard are high. Maybe you are missing the yeast but yet a trip to the supermarket should not discourage you to try baking a loaf of bread. There are many recipes that are easy and appropriate even for people that are not that good at cooking – your family will definitely enjoy this activity! Who doesn’t like freshly-baked bread?

  • Clear out the media collection you have – go through your DVDs, books or CDs and consider which items you want to keep and which you don’t find interesting anymore. You can check a local website to swap some of your items for other DVDs – there are people that will enjoy the ones you want to get rid of. Don’t forget – one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. Exchange them or earn some money by selling them so you can buy new media!

  • Visit local museum or zoo – it`s a funny thing how we love travelling but we haven’t got to know our own city. There are definitely place you haven`t visited and don’t cost a fortune. There are many museums that offer discount days – just check them out online. You will have a great time and learn interesting facts.

  • Practice your origami skills – some scrap paper can keep you entertained for a good couple of hours. If you haven’t tried doing origami before beginning with simple ones like frogs and cranes. When you feel confident enough try making an origami iris. Later you can use them as a beautiful decoration around your house!

  • Make some greeting cards – homemade cards are always more appreciated than store-bought ones. Is there an upcoming birthday or anniversary you will celebrate? Make a card and put your heart in it. You can use some photographs and glitter – if you feel creative cut a bunch of letters from old magazines and newspapers to form the text in the card.

  • Write a letter to a family member or friend you don’t have the time to keep in touch with. There is something really charming about writing a letter – both magical and nostalgic. In this era of high-tech communications and texting through the day, we seem to have forgotten about the good old letters. Write how much you love them and appreciate them – words in a paper are of a true value!

  • Learn to play chess – this strategy game is suitable for people of all ages as it can be played at many different levels. You can always try playing it online but if you have the boarding game it will be perfect. It’s proven that this game raises your IQ scores and improves your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. All you need is to find a partner!

  • Be a volunteer at a dog shelter – you can help your local shelter in many ways. Bring food, treats and toys. You can walk the dogs, become a foster care provider or decide to donate things monthly. These pups will be helpful!

  • Rearrange the furniture at your home – refresh your bedroom or your living room by moving items into new positions. Move your sofa to a different wall or change the focal point of the room by moving the table. When you move around your furnishing you can spot any slight damages or signs of wear. If you want even a greater final look you can consider booking upholstery cleaning. It’s not a luxury and you will enjoy having a fresh sofa and living room.

  • Have a yard sale – a good way to get rid of clutter around your house and find these items new home is organising a yard sale on the weekend. The whole family can take part and it will definitely be fun meeting new people from your neighbourhood. Turn your excess clutter into some extra pounds!

Doing entertaining things on the weekend doesn’t necessarily involve going to a fancy restaurant or to a Spa resort. Make the best out of yours!

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