12 Problems You Can Solve With Peanut Butter

Uses of peanut butter at your householdPeanut butter can be found in almost every household. Its popularity is a result of its delicious flavour and nutritional value. However, beside from making tasty sandwiches, you can use peanut butter for various of reasons around your household. Believe it or not, you can use it for maintenance, cleaning, removing odours and so on! Read on and find the list of household peanut butter uses we collected for you!

  • Let`s begin with a smart trick to have up your sleeve when you accidentally burnt your gravy. You know that good gravy can complement every dish but when you overcook yours, you can cover the burnt taste by adding a teaspoon in it. Peanut butter to the rescue!
  • Get rid of any sticker with the help of peanut butter. It doesn`t matter whether you are removing it from a shirt or a jar, it will work perfectly. Rub a little peanut butter on the spot and it will help remove the glue – no residue will be left behind!
  • Probably one of the best uses of peanut butter is that it can save you a lot of hassle when removing sticky substances from your carpet. Be it a gum or a taffy don`t rush to call your carpet cleaning company before you try this method out. Remove as much as you can from the gum. Do it using a hair dryer on the spot and rub it with a plastic bag. After that, rub a small amount of peanut butter and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth and the residues should be gone! If not, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid and rub it to clean any peanut butter leftovers.
  • You know how annoying removing a tree sap stain can be. However, your true assistant comes to save your day! Peanut butter can remove tree sap from decks, cars and even clothing so rest assured you will get rid of it as soon as you dab a little peanut butter onto it. Wipe off when you notice that the sap has loosened. Repeat if needed and wash the clothing as usual. This method also works on tar.
  • When you need to remove garlic smell from your hands, rub on peanut butter and wash it off – no odour will be left. Unfortunately, you will lose your ability to repel vampires so be aware!
  • An interesting fact is that peanut butter can bring back to use your scratched DVDs and CDs. What you need to do is spread some on the disc and gently wipe it off from the centre outwards in a straight line. Try it – your discs will be revived in no time!
  • Some people don`t cook fish at home just because of the fact that the smell can linger for days. Guess what – peanut butter can solve this problem, too. When you are done with frying your fish, put a tablespoon of the butter in the pan and fry for a little – the fishy smell will be gone!
  • Water stains on wood inevitably happen. This trick may come especially useful if you are living on rent and risk to lose your deposit if you don`t return the rented property in its original state. Yes, professional end of tenancy cleaners will make your home sparkling but the responsibility of the good state of the furniture is yours. Grab a spoon of peanut butter and rub on the white ring. Spread a layer over the spot and let it sit for a couple of hours (better overnight). In the morning, wipe it off. This also works well on scratches – rub it with a cloth and let it sit for some about an hour.
  • Hiccups can be very irritating and mess your day. There are many ways to cure them but probably you haven`t heard of this one – eat a large spoon of peanut butter. This sticky substance will make your breath pattern synchronised and, therefore, stop the hiccups.
  • You can efficiently polish your chrome items with some peanut butter. Make a paste of peanut butter and baking soda and rub it gently with a soft cloth onto the surface. Wipe it off afterwards and enjoy the shiny outcome!
  • Whiteboards can be hard to clean if there is any residue of dry erase marker that has set on the surface. You can easily clean this off and get rid of the tiny flakes of marker that can be left behind by rubbing your whiteboard with some peanut butter. This will also give it a good shine. Wipe off the board with a soapy water and a clean cloth.

What do you think? You don`t have a jar of peanut butter only for delicious sandwiches – you have a multi-purpose substance that can solve you a lot of hassle in your household!

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