12 Uses of Coffee Grounds

12 Uses of Coffee GroundsCoffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Billions of people start their day with a cup of this wonderful fragrant drink. But what happens to coffee grounds? In most cases, you dispose them, don’t you? There are many reasons not to throw away your coffee residues. It turns out that, in addition to its aromatic and energising properties, coffee has a number of other unexpected and surprising applications. Check out our list:

  • Coffee grounds are a great supplement for plants – some garden plants (rose bushes, azaleas, evergreen species, camellias, etc) prefer soils with a higher acidity, so you can mix the soil with a little coffee residue. After you drink a cup of coffee, leave the grounds to dry. Then distribute them in the soil around the plants, but do not overdo it with the quantity.
  • Use coffee grounds as a repellent for insects at home. Sprinkle coffee around the places through which insects go inside the house. Do the same with the places that you do not want for the insects to reach. You can sprinkle the residue directly along the ant-hill in the garden – the ants will quickly abandon your home. The same way you can get rid of snails as well.
  • Use coffee for eco-friendly painting – soak the coffee grounds in hot water and get a brown dye for fabrics. Now you can paint fabrics, clothes and even paper. If you want to make a homemade parchment, then soak the piece of paper in the dye and leave it aside to dry.
  • Use the coffee grounds as a deodorising agent for the kitchen. For that purpose, leave the residues on a piece of kitchen paper to dry thoroughly and then place them in a bowl. Put the bowl in the fridge to absorb any bad odours. In the same way, you can get rid of the smell of spilt food in the freezer – put inside a few bowls with coffee grounds and leave them for 24 hours. If you have used fish, garlic or onions while cooking, rub some coffee residues on your hands to remove the scent.
  • Coffee residue can be used in a blend to hide scratches on furniture. Soak the grounds in water well and then apply a little of the liquid onto the scratches with a cotton swab. So, next time you are about to run upholstery cleaning, do not forget about the wooden parts of your upholstered furniture. That simple method will help you cover any damages on the wood.
  • Use coffee grounds for deodorising your home. Pour the coffee residue on a piece of kitchen paper and let it dry. Fill old pantyhose with it and tie it at the end. Place it in the closet or in your shoes to absorb unpleasant smells.
  • Coffee residues are also a practical abrasive which is great for cleaning kitchen utensils, vessels and surfaces. Use it alone or in a combination with a little dishwashing detergent to wipe the countertop in the kitchen, for example. Coffee may become a great helper in your domestic cleaning because it removes oily stains. So, it may do a great job if you are going to sanitise your oven soon. Sprinkle some residues on the contaminated area and rub with a damp cloth or sponge. However, coffee grounds should not be used on surfaces that can be easily stained or scratched.
  • If you have a cat at your home and you want to keep her away from certain parts of the house or the yard, sprinkle a little coffee residue mixed with orange peels. That idea is particularly suitable for protecting your domestic plants, so your cat will not use them as a personal toilet.
  • The residue of coffee is a natural product against fleas on pets. Mix a few coffee grounds with a shampoo and rub the mixture into the fur of your dog or cat, rinse and let it dry.
  • If the sink or drain in your bathroom is blocked, try to unclog them using coffee grounds mixed with some water. That is an easy way to keep your gutters clean all the time.
  • Coffee cleans the skin very well, too. You can safely use it for clearing your face or body. A few coffee grounds, mixed with regular liquid soap or shower gel will make a very useful cosmetics for you. Coffee grounds are known to be very efficient in fighting cellulite! Make a scrub using ground and coconut oil and treat the affected areas.
  • And one more thing in conclusion – just a pinch of coffee grounds is able to take away the moisture in the salt-works or the sugar-bowl.

Do not dispose of the residue of morning coffee. Now that you know all its possible applications, start collecting it in a suitable container instead. Use it in home care and see how beneficial coffee grounds can be!

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