5 Essential Tips for Moving With Kids

5 essential tips for moving with your kidsThere are a lot of reasons for moving into a new place – your family has grown out, you have found a profitable job and you need a house near your new workplace or you are just tired of your old house and just found the home of your dreams. However, things are a little more challenging and complicated when it comes to moving with kids especially if they are little. Explaining to them that you are planning to move out will be followed by a lot of questions like “Are you throwing away my toys?”, “Are we leaving tomorrow?” and “Why don’t you like our house anymore?”. Undoubtedly, answering them without upsetting the kid maybe a hard task because it is a delicate matter for sure. However, there are few things that you can do to make the situation easier for your children. Read on and check our tips out.

  • First of all, you should always have a plan about the conversation of sharing the news of moving to your kids. Think about the things that the will be most concerned of – toys, decorations, clothing. Explain them carefully that these things will come with you and they don’t have to worry about abandoning their stuff. Be patient if questions like “Are we taking the floors and walls too?” and tell them that you will have better ones in your new home. If you are moving further, they will have to change their school and this is an important matter that should be widely explained to your children. There are some good books that deal with topics of moving out – if you don’t feel confident by yourself get a book which will be appropriate for your kids` age. Don’t forget to reassure them that they will love their new home and that they should not worry about leaving your previous home – it’s for the good.

  • 5-essential-tips-for-moving-with-your-kids-2 Moving out includes a long list of things that should be done. Packing your clothes and items, decluttering, end of tenancy cleaning and booking furniture transport services. Of course, these tasks are demanding and an adult’s` responsibility but, for instance, helping with boxing up the clutter is a good way to involve the kids in the whole moving process so it is easier for them to accept it. You can even make a ‘clutter game’ out of the situation. In addition to that, if you still haven’t chosen your new house and you feel hesitant, show the potential houses to your kids or just ask them what they would like to have in your new home. This will make the whole process less stressful for them and they will be looking forward for their new home.

  • You should not forget to be positive about moving because if your kids see you being worried, nervous or upset, they will pick up on it. Still, definitely there will be things that you will miss about your house and which will make it hard to leave but you can make the best out of the situation and save memories by doing some things with the kids participating. Offer them to make a video tour of your house and the neighbourhood or take a lot of photos during the moving process. You can collect all these precious memories by taping everyone in the family telling their own interesting stories that they had in your home.

  • 5-essential-tips-for-moving-with-your-kids-3Essential thing is to explain to your children that they will not lose connection with their friends no matter how far you are moving. Thanks to the high-tech era we are living tell them they will use Skype, send emails or write good old letters to friends and family members and assure they will stay in touch. Your little ones should not feel pulled away from their background and the important people in their life. In addition to that try maintaining your routines as much as you can before, during and after the moving – this is especially important for younger children so you don’t stress them out. Bedtime routines, library day, family game night and pancakes on Sunday will guarantee the comfort of your little ones – unfamiliar and chaotic environment will make them anxious.

  • Treat the whole moving process as an adventure rather than a mournful experience or a household chore. Make little contests with prizes who can pick up their clothing and toys the fastest – the whole house cleaning would be much more interesting and they will not feel sad about moving. Choosing the paint for their new room or the colour of their new carpet is also a good way of dealing with the stress and make the moving exciting.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to comfort your children during a moving.  Don’t focus all of your attention on packing. Make sure you spend some quality time hanging out with your kids and making new memories.

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