9 Practical Ways to Reuse Plastic and Paper Bags

9 practical ways to reuse plastic and paper bagsToday we are literally bombarded with tons of information about the imminent environmental issues that require attention. Yet, it always seems that too little is done towards preserving the natural resources and keeping the planet for the next generations. Although plastic bags have gained notorious popularity over the last couple of years, the majority of customers still request plastic bags when they go to the grocery store. Paper bags are considered the more eco-friendly alternative as they are easier to recycle but on the other hand, they are made of trees, which is not the most eco-friendly approach one can adopt. Anyway, you must have a pile of plastic and paper bags at home. Instead of keeping them, you can either take them to a specialised place where they can be recycled or give them a second life on your own. Here are some fresh ideas you can copy:

  • If you are a creative person, you must be aware of the technique for making rugs out of useless pieces of fabrics. The pieces of fabrics are cut into strips and braids are made. Then, the braids are spiralled outward. Well, if you have well over 150 plastic bags of different colours, you can make your own DIY rug. You will also need a pair of scissors, wax paper, an iron and straight pins. The best of all is that your rug does not require a professional carpet cleaning, which you definitely need for the other rugs at home. Cool, easy and inexpensive, right?

  • When the moving out day is approaching and you have to prepare your stuff, pay attention to the fragile items and wrap them with several layers of plastic bags to make sure they will not be damaged during the transportation.

  • Instead of buying special trash bags, you can simply use the plastic bags you have in stock. Don’t forget to take some of them if you are going on a road trip or a picnic. After all, there is no better way to show you are environmentally-friendly than collecting your own trash.

  • Plastic bags can keep your plants warm during the night. Cover the flower pot with a bag and tie the handles around the pot as tight as you can. Take off the bag in the morning or your plant might be gone in a few hours especially if it is exposed to a direct sunlight during the day.

  • Winter mornings are tough for everyone who uses a car to get to work. In order to make the morning ritual of defrosting the side mirrors and the windshield wipers, cover them with a plastic bag.

  • As for paper bags, you definitely should refrain yourself from tossing them in the trash bin after the first usage. You can just use them as liners in the pantry room.

  • Even if you have the greatest landlord in the world, you should be prepared for the moment when you have to move out and perform an end of tenancy cleaning. The latter can turn into an overwhelming task, especially if you have pets of kids who are constantly making a mess. As you know, you risk losing your security deposit unless you make the place spic and span. In order to make the cleaning of crayon drawings off the surfaces less tedious, place a paper bag over it and run the iron on medium setting – the stain will be gone as the paper bag will absorb the oils!

  • If you are a book lover, you must be passionate about keeping your books in a good condition. You can use the paper bags to make book covers. All you need is a pair of scissors and tape.

  • When the creativity hits you, you can grab a pair of brown grocery bags, scissors, crayons and make colourful decorations for the next birthday party. If the paper bags have handles, you can turn them into wonderful gift bags with ribbons and bows.

All you need in order to give a second life to the grocery plastic and paper bags is a bit of creativity. Of course, opting for a bag made of fabrics is the best alternative. Some stores even offer small discounts when customers bring their own reusable bags. The only disadvantage they have is that you have to regularly toss them in the washing machine as they are an appealing place for germs and bacteria. Actually, you’d better wash them after every usage, but your efforts will pay off. If everyone makes an attempt towards the planet preservation, that would make a huge difference. As the saying goes, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

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