Which Type of Natural Material Should You Choose for Your Sofa?

Which Type of Natural Material Should You Choose for Your SofaNatural materials are very beautiful and can bring character to your interior because of their unique looks. However, before you decide which is the right material for your upholstery, you should get acquainted with your options and decide which will suit your home best. Some of them are more durable, others have more beautiful patterns but what they have in common is that they are a decent investment you should comprehensively consider. Below you will find some tips and what you should look for when buying a sofa made of natural material:

  • Let`s start with the surroundings of your future sofa. If you are planning to provide your living room with one, you should opt for a durable fabric as it will be subject to a frequent use. If you have little kids and pets, the couch will be included in your domestic cleaning often so you should pick a fabric that will not fade easily and can be maintained without hassle. However, if you are choosing a sofa for your guest room, things are different. You may buy the one with the exquisite looks and still don`t worry as it will not be used as often and you can enjoy it for longer. Check out information about the most popular natural material for upholstered furniture and make up your mind!
  • Leather – it`s not surprising that it is one of the most popular materials for upholstery. It provides a long list of advantages – it is durable, strong and easy to maintain. Many people are fond of the idea of having a leather sofa as it brings a unique feel of luxury and comfort. Even if you have pets it doesn`t accumulate hairs so you can provide your home with one without worries. However, if you don`t trim the nails of your pet properly they may tear the fabric – the same is valid for sharp objects such as keys and metal nail files. As a disadvantage, most homeowners consider the high price of the leather couches but you should know that it seems that leather never wears out as over time it develops a unique character. Their lifetime is about 10 to 15 years and resists mildew and stains and this makes them a smart choice.
  • Wool – this material is beautiful and durable but is not that popular option for sofas as it tends to be more expensive than the rest of the fabrics. It is made from animal hair and it is warm but in the same time, it can be itchy and even uncomfortable to a more sensitive skin. Most of these fabrics are woven together on a loom to create splendid designs. Different colours can be used but if you are a fan of simplicity you can choose a design that doesn`t involve complex patterns and many colours. Wool is very durable both when used for upholstery and carpeting so you can be sure that it will last a long time.
  • Linen – this fabric is one of the most durable and strongest ones available on the market. It is made from flax plant which is a cross between a lavender and a cornflower plant. Compared to cotton, it is about 3 times stronger. Linen is appropriate both for more formal upholstery and for a family couch that will serve in a household with small children and pets. It is a green product that resists to mildew and bacteria. In order to keep it at its best, you are recommended to rely on the professionals in upholstery cleaning at least once a year.   
  • Silk – it is incredibly beautiful but it is also fragile. You should know that it is difficult to maintain and it is more pretentious than the other fabrics. It is made of silk worms, their cocoons in particular. Silk has a natural shine and strong fibres but it can be easily damaged by the sun – the material will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. This fabric is very luxurious and is not suitable for any room. You can incorporate silk in the interior of your home by putting some silk cushions on your sofa as gorgeous accents.
  • Cotton – it is not that stain-resistant and durable as linen or synthetics but it still a good option for your upholstery. In some cases, it may be prone to wrinkling and damage and some people claim that it accumulates more dust and dirt than the other fabrics. Yet, it is very versatile and breathable so no wonder why it is a popular choice. It is affordable and if you buy a couch in a kitchen or a guest room where there is not so much traffic, it will do a great job!

There are many factors to consider before buying a sofa made of natural materials. Combine your couch with the right furniture and accessories and enjoy the comfort of your home!

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